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Version: 0.7.3

Working with Data

Unfolded's Map SDK allows you to add, remove or replace existing datasets on the map.

Add a new dataset

Using addDataset(...) function you can pass a new Dataset object that will be added to the map. Layer will be automaticaly created, if not otherwise selected by setting the autoCreateLayers parameter to false.

dataset: string | Dataset, autoCreateLayers = true, centerMap = true
): Promise<boolean>
type Dataset = {
uuid: string;
label: string;
data?: string;


  • NameDescription
    dataset.uuid string
    Unique identifier of the dataset
    dataset.label string
    (Optional) Displayable dataset label string(Optional) JSON string (can be a CSV or GeoJSON formatted data)
    autoCreateLayers booleandefault: true
    (Optional) If true Studio will attempt to create layers automatically
    centerMap booleandefault: true
    (Optional) If true Studio will center the map on the new dataset.

Add existing dataset

If you are logged in to Studio you can use datasets that have been previously added to your Unfolded Cloud account. All you have to do is pass the uuid of the previously added dataset.

Remove a dataset

In case we want to remove the added dataset, we just need to pass the uuid of the dataset to the removeDataset API function:

removeDataset(uuid: string)

NOTE: Keep in mind that if a dataset is removed, every layer associated with that dataset will be removed too.

  • NameDescription
    uuid string
    Unique identifier of the dataset

Expanding the sidebar in Unfolded Studio, we can see that the dataset has been removed and along with it the associated layer(s).