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Version: 0.7.3


Set Timeline

Using the setTimelineConfig(...) API function user can set time filter timeline configuration that allows us to set timeline visibility, play/pause the animation, set the speed, set the time interval, change the time format and timezone.

config: TimelineConfig
): Promise<TimelineConfig>
interface TimeInterval {
startTime: number;
endTime: number;
interface TimelineConfig {
idx: number;
currentTimeInterval?: TimeInterval;
isVisible?: boolean;
isAnimating?: boolean;
speed?: number;
timezone?: string;
timeFormat?: string;


const unfoldedMap = new UnfoldedMap({
embed: true,
appendToDocument: true
const startTime = new Date('2020.10.29').getTime();
const endTime = new Date('2020.10.31').getTime();
const config = {
idx: 0,
currentTimeInterval: {
startTime: startTime,
endTime: endTime
timezone: 'Europe/Berlin',
timeFormat: 'DD.MM.YYYY. HH:mm'
unfoldedMap.setTimelineConfig(config).then(data => {

Get Timeline Information

Using the getTimelineInfo() API function user can get the information object for the time filter timeline control.

UnfoldedMap.getTimelineInfo(): Promise<TimelineInfo>
interface TimelineInfo {
dataId: Array<string>;
domain: Array<number>;
isVisible: boolean;
enlargedHistogram: Array<any>;
histogram: Array<any>;
value: Array<number>;
speed: number;
step: number;
isAnimating: boolean;