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Working with Layers

Add a Layer

Using addLayer(...) function you can add a new layer to the map.

To learn about configuring a specific layer programmatically, visit the Layer Format Reference.

The dataset specified in dataId must be added to the map in advance. In this example we already added a dataset to the map.

addLayer(layer: LayerCreationProps): Layer;
* A set of properties used to create a layer.
type LayerCreationProps = Omit<
Optional<Layer, 'id' | 'dataId' | 'label' | 'isVisible'>,
> & {
config?: Partial<LayerConfig>;
* Type encapsulating layer properties.
type Layer = {
/** Unique identifier of the layer. */
id: string;
/** Type of the layer. */
type: LayerType | null;
/** Unique identifier of the dataset this layer visualizes. */
dataId: string | null;
/** Dictionary that maps fields that the layer requires for visualization to appropriate dataset fields. */
fields: Record<string, string | null>;
/** Canonical label of this layer. */
label: string;
/** Flag indicating whether layer is visible or not. */
isVisible: boolean;
/** Layer configuration specific to its type. */
config: LayerConfig;
* Internal layer configuration.
type LayerConfig = {
/** Dictionary of visualization properties that the layer supports. */
visualChannels: VisualChannels;
/** General layer settings. */
visConfig: Record<string, unknown>;


  • NameDescription
    id string
    Unique identifier of the layer
    dataId string
    Dataset id
    label string
    (Optional) Layer name
    isVisible booleandefault: true
    (Optional) If true Studio will attempt to create layers automatically

Set Layer Visibility

While you can set the initial visibility when adding the layer, you can always toggle the visibility of the already added layers using the updateLayer(...) function.

updateLayer(layerId: string, {isVisible: boolean}): void


  • NameDescription
    id string
    Unique identifier of the layer
    isVisible boolean
    Layer visibility

Get Available Layers

Gets all the layers currently available in the map.

getLayers(): Layer[];

Get Layer by id

Retrieves a layer by its identifier if it exists.

getLayerById(layerId: string): Layer | null;
  • NameDescription
    layerId string
    Unique identifier of the layer

Remove Layers

Using removeLayer(...) function you can add a remove an existing layer from the map.

removeLayer(layerId: string): void


  • NameDescription
    id string
    Unique identifier of the layer